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Gutianshan [(c) Christian Ristok]

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My research interests

  • Forest and grassland biodiversity experiments
  • Drivers of positive BEF relationships (i.e., plant-soil feedbacks, plant functional traits, micro-evolution...)
  • Impact of global change on BEF relationships
  • Nematode & mycorrhizae enthusiast

Available bachelor and master projects

I am involved in several biodiversity experiments, e.g.,

  • the MyDiv experiment, which investigates the influence of tree species and mycorrhizal type diversity on ecosystem functioning (Bad Lauchstädt, Germany)
  • the DivResource experiment, which investigates the influence of plant species richness (grasses and herbs) and fertilization on ecosystem functioning (Bad Lauchstädt)
  • perspectively also in other experiments on the site of the UFZ experimental station Bad Lauchstädt, e.g. BugNet, GCEF and more
  • the BEF-China experiment, one of the largest forest biodiversity experiments in the world (located in China)
  • the Jena Experiment, one of the largest and longest running biodiversity experiments in the world (located near Jena, Thuringia)

If you are interested in one of these experiments and would like to get a first impression of working in such a project (in form of a research internship, a bachelor or master thesis), please send me an email and we will work out a project together that is suited to your interests. This can be a field or greenhouse experiment, an analysis with a laboratory focus (e.g. DNA sequencing of soil organisms, abiotic soil analysis), or a classical identification of animals (e.g. nematodes).

Furthermore, I have ideas for projects to improve the methodology and safety of greenhouse experiments. Please feel free to email me if you are interested (these projects are seasonally independent, whereas the projects in biodiversity experiments have to be done in the spring and summer months).

Suggestions for PhD projects