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Lucrecia Lipoma, Ph.D.


Lucrecia Lipoma, Ph.D.

room 2.02.0
Institut für Biologie / Geobotanik und Botanischer Garten
Große Steinstraße 79/80
06108 Halle (Saale)


  • I am interested in understanding the mechanisms behind the  response of terrestrial plant communities to different disturbances. My  current project tries to identify which components of diversity can  promote the resilience of plant communities. Specifically, I am  developing a meta-analysis of studies that had evaluated resilience in  plant communities to test whether different components of functional  diversity are related to their resilience after disturbances. This  project will contribute to the development of a common framework on the  links between diversity and ecological resilience and  will also highlight knowledge gaps in this area.



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  • Lipoma M. L.,  Fortunato V., Enrico L., Díaz S. (2019). Where does the forest come  back from? Soil and litter seed banks and the juvenile bank as sources  of vegetation resilience in a semiarid Neotropical forest. Journal of Vegetation Science.   
  • Lipoma M. L., Cuchietti A., Gorné L. D., Díaz S. (2019) Not gone with the wind:  Vegetation complexity increases seed retention during windy periods in  the Argentine Semiarid Chaco. Journal of Vegetation Science.   
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  • Conti, G.; Enrico, L.; Jaureguiberry, P.; Cuchietti, A.; Lipoma, M. L. y Cabrol, D. (2017) El rol de la diversidad funcional en la provisión  de múltiples servicios ecosistémicos: Un análisis empírico en el Chaco  seco de Córdoba, Argentina central. Ecosistemas 27(3), 60-74.   
  • Lipoma M. L.,  Funes G. & Díaz S. (2017) Fire effects on the soil seed bank and  post-fire resilience of a semi-arid shrubland in central Argentina. Austral Ecology 43, 46-55.   
  • Lipoma M. L.,  Gurvich D. E., Urcelay C. & Díaz S. (2016) Plant community  resilience in the face of fire: experimental evidence from a semi-arid  shrubland. Austral Ecology 41, 501-511.