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Forschung Helge Bruelheide

Experiments for determining the causes of plant range boundaries

  • Climate
  • Herbivory
  • Pathogenes

Development of classification methods and vgetation databases

  • Vegetation database Saxony-Anhalt
  • Improvement of the Cocktail algorithm
  • Establishment of a numerical classification of plant communities in Saxony-Anhalts
  • Linking vegetation and range map databanks

Biodiversity Experiments

Desert ecology and desertification research

Forest dynamics

Studies in population biology of endangered or rare species

Ecological and genetical differences between central and peripheral plant populations

  • DFG project "Climatic tolerance of submediterrean therophytes and its genetic basis as a cause for plant range boundaries " (DFG BR 1698/2-1 und 2-3). (concluded)

Ecological and genetical causes for the invasiveness of plant species

  • DFG project „Ecological and genetical causes for the invasiveness of Rhododendron ponticum-populations of different origin" (DFG BR 1698/3-1 und 3-2). (concluded). For research in invasion biology see the homepage of Dr. Alexandra Erfmeier)