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PhD students:

Nzigou Doubindou, E. C. (since 2016) A genus between tropical forest and savanna – complementary phylogeographic histories and anatomical and ecological adaptations to two contrasting habitats.

Bih, Andrine Nji (since 2016) The importance of microhabitat and pollination for flowering plant evolution in the Central African rainforest.

Al-Gharaibeh, M. (since 2014) Phylogeny and biogeography of the pantropical family Marantaceae.

Master students:

Nzigou, E. (since 2015) Pollination biology of sympatric Aframomum-species in Gabon.

Bachelor students:

Heilmann, L. (2016) Clonality and genflow in the tropical understorey.

Köhler, M. (2016) Comparative investigation of systematically important leaf traits in the African Marantaceae.

Wartig, L. (2015) Phylogeographic study on speciation and species boundary in Sarcophrynium schweinfurthianum and S. prionogonium (Marantaceae) in Central Africa.

Werner, S. (2015) The impact of flower colour and type on the pollinator assembly of flowering plants of the xeric grassland of the Lunzberge north of Halle (Saale).

Nissen, J. (2015) Phylogeographic analysis of the Alpin endemic Helictotrichon species for deductions of historical migration routes and the localisation of glacial refugia.

Wagner, N. (2015) Morphometric investigation of the endangered herbs Bromus grossus and B. secalinus.

Pimpl, F. (2015) Investigation on the structure of pollination networks of fragmented xeric grassland habitats in the porphyrous landscape north of Halle (Saxony-Anhalt).

Sittel, L. (2014) Comparative investigation of pollination networks on xeric and wet grasslands in the city of Halle (Saale).

Merten, J. (2014) Pollen/ovule-ratio in relation to the pollination mechanism in Fabaceae.