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Dictmanus albus [(c) Christian Ristok]

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I am an enthusiastic plant ecologist interested in novel approaches to above- and belowground plant-environment interactions. I seek to understand how those interactions can be applied to retain and/or improve terrestrial ecosystems, especially (semi-)natural grasslands in temperate and high latitude and altitude systems.

My research focus is on plant ecology, population genetics and landscape genomics in conservation relevant contexts. I like to combine field work and laboratory work at multiple ecological scales (populations, individuals, genetics) to obtain an overview from different perspectives of plant communities and individuals.

Currently, I am working on the heterostylous grassland plant Primula veris (cowslip) in a population ecological context. Besides, I am the German main coordinator of the international Citizen Science campaign “Looking for cowslips” (   ). See the animation "Europe is looking for cowslips" here   .



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