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Type material of the herbarium HAL

Type material of HAL is separately stored. Currently it comprises more than 3500 names. The herbarium of D.F.L. v. Schlechtendal represents the historic basis of HAL. Numerous types of taxa described by Schlechtendal (1164 species and 44 varieties and formae) are maintained at Halle (types of 747 taxa are present at HAL). All names have been proven. The results have been published by Braun & Wittig (Schlechtendalia 10: 15-65, 2003), and all data have been put into the 'Typus database' of HAL. If the type material of a particular taxon is not preserved at HAL, the note 'Not at HAL' is given (missing types often refer to taxa described by Schlechtendal before he moved away from Berlin to Halle in 1833). For all other collections and authors (Werner 1988, Braun 1994), only type specimens preserved at HAL are listed (e.g., H.H. Behr, A. v. Chamisso, J.F. Drège, C.F. Ecklon, C.A. Ehrenberg, A. v. Humboldt, R.A. Philippi, P. Salzmann, C.J.W. Schiede, C. Schkuhr, F. Sellow, F.W. Sieber, C.L. Willdenow, C.L.P. Zeyher, etc.). They are to be found in the 'Typus database' and partly in some publications on types of taxa belonging to particular plant families (see below). The herbarium of K. Sprengel, the predecessor of Schlechtendal in Halle, is not at HAL, except for some duplicates, e.g. in herb. Schkuhr and Schlechtendal. Currently a systematic search for additional types housed at HAL is in progress, and a project dealing with the scanning of all types of taxa described from Africa and South America has been initiated. The scans will later be put into our database in order to be available for the public. The particular types are marked as 'holo-, iso-, lecto-, neo-, syn- or paratype' (if the status is unclear, only 'type' is given).

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