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Dr. Andrea Galmán

Dr. Andrea Galmán

Dr. Andrea Galmán

Dr. Andrea Galmán


Dr. Andrea Galmán

Institut für Biologie / Geobotanik und Botanischer Garten
Große Steinstraße 79/80
06108 Halle (Saale)

phone: 0345 55 26254

Curriculum Vitae

CV_Andrea Galmán.pdf (174.1 KB)  vom 18.10.2022

Scientific interests

I am an evolutionary plant ecologist interested in understanding how  plant chemical diversity, phylogenetic relatedness and abiotic factors  shape plant biotic interactions. Specifically, I am interested in  understanding:

i) Mechanisms driving the success of exotic platns  in novel environents. Specifically, I explore how the establishment of  exotic plants is determined by their phylogenetic relatedness and  functional similarity to native species in the new environment.

ii) Mechanisms driving plant-insect herbivores interactions. I am interested in how the production of different plants defences, the top-down control  of herbivore predators  and abiotic factors like cliamte mediate this interactions.

iii) Environmental gradients in plant traits and biotic interactions

Current projects

i) Main research project: DArwin's Naturalization Conundrum rEvisited (DANCE) – Darwin meets omics (fleexpol project)

ii) I am collaborting with an European citizen science project to study bottom-up and top-down forces in leaf herbivory in oak trees. Check the website here: